About Us


It all started with a disappointed fan. A fan who wanted to support his favorite team by wearing a unique t-shirt. A fan who looked all everywhere for trendsetting apparel. I had tons of soccer club jerseys. That was never the problem.

The problem is that all the shirts I found were the same old, boring stuff. I remember buying a few during my high school days and the quality and graphics were just disappointing (to say the least). "Chafas" as my friends and I used to say when we were kids.

Things haven't changed much since. Somehow, soccer t-shirts are still as plain and boring as they were back then. I thought, “There has to be more soccer fans like me out there, who would appreciate a better type of shirt, comfortable with cool and fresh designs.”

That gave me an idea. Combining my deep passion for the game and digital art, a revolutionary futbol brand was born. Welcome to UltimateFan Brand! UltimateFan is a lifestyle brand made for futbol fans by futbol fans. We’re a brand for the flag waving, scarf toting, futbol fanatics who bleed their team’s colors.

UltimateFan Brand’s equation is simple…your team + your trends = next level apparel.

No boring, old designs here, just fresh gear for statement making supporters. Join the movement that demands more from club apparel. Rep your team in style with our game changing designs.

Playeras Chidas. A better T-Shirt, for better fans.



UltimateFan delivers superior quality and comfort with freshly designed products. We’re committed to giving the beautiful game screen printed t-shirts to match. Shout the passion you have for your team with our modern take on some of the giants in the game. Repping your team never looked or felt so good. You bring the passion, we’ll deliver trend setting designs.



Founded in La Habra, California, UltimateFan is an artist owned and operated apparel company offering a rad and stylish selection of T-Shirts for men and women. Our products and designed and printed in the Los Angeles area with the best quality standards.

Our Values:

  • High-quality products featuring soccer on-trend and original designs.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Comfortable and easy to wear apparel.
  • Build value in our products or customer experience that compensates for the price disadvantage from Big Box retailers. 
  • Help others.
  • Be a positive impact in the community.



We think it feels better to buy stuff from actual people than faceless anonymous corporations, so meet Jorge Negrete. Jorge is set to to create a brand that soccer fans can relate and be part of. He is a graphic designer graduated from the University of Fullerton California, also an former US Marine. When not working on building UltimateFan brand, Jorge enjoys spending time with his 7-year-old Citlalli and his wife Elisa. He also loves watching and playing soccer, reading, travel, and playing guitar. Only one team in the world that can make him jump in celebration or cry when defeated, Chivas.